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The idea of designing and creating a Italian Photo Booth stemmed from the desire to have fun and entertain and also from the desire to travel round our beautiful country to meet new people and set ourselves a challenge. With a good dose of enthusiasm and with the help of two trusted technicians, rental after rental, after two years’ design and research, Federica created her Funny Booth in Italy. The staff of our all Italian photo booth is now ready to manage any type of event: company parties, inaugurations, trade fairs, weddings, birthdays, graduation parties and any type of event requested. Thanks to the involvement of new employees, who we will introduce you to shortly, there are so many upcoming projects, but we won’t reveal them all to you all at once….you will discover them over the course of the year on our blog.


Photographic 100
Computing 70
Graphic 80
Design 90


Before presenting our core team, we will take the opportunity to thank all the persons who have worked and currently work with our Italian Photo Booth: technicians, programmers, designers, videomakers, sales departments and web masters! Now we would like to introduce our core team…

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The Funny Booth in Italy is one of her babies. Federica is indeed the group’s creator. Continuously searching for new ideas, she is also the one who designs the new photo booth facility, the new set-ups and staging for your events!
One of our technicians and one of the main main moral supporters of our Italian Photo Booth. Always up-to-date, he is our software magician and a valuable driver in the longest journeys up and down Italy.
An other precious partner!
He prepared the technical drawings of our photo booths; he studied their stability and safety but also their internal design.
MicheleTechnician and Programmer
We completely trust him for the photographic elements of our photo booths. Thanks to his careful selection of professional equipments, the photos of our photo booths are natural and bright in every light condition.
LorenaLogistic Supervisor
Lorena will get in touch with you for the logistic organization of your photo booth: you will agree with her for the practical aspects of the photo booth rental, the timing and the position in the location.
Thanks to her creativity, she will prepare the customized printing layout and the backdrop graphic. She has the possibility to “cover” the photo booth with your customized graphic and logo.