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Choose between a selfie or a video message!

Choose our totem or our classic phoot booth…you will have the possibiliy to get your selfie but also to record a video message! All our totem and booths are equipped with a webcam and microphone: they will start them from the touchscreen monitor. The video messages (the same for the photos) will be customized with your logo: our graphic department will be at your disposal to create your customized layout!

How does it work?

  1. Wear the available accessories (hats, glasses, props and customized gadteds on request)
  2. Pose
  3. Follow the monitor instructions step by step: you can choose between a photo and a video message!
  4. Video message: after the countdown, the video recording will start the video in 15 minutes! You can dance, speak or sing…!
  5. Photos: you can select also a photo. Your selfie will be printed immediately!
  6. If agreed, you can share the video and the photo on your social network (Facebook/Twitter)

After the event…

Within 48 hours after the event we will send you a link from which you can download the original files: the original photos; one edited video including the singular video messages left from the users.

On request:

  • the edited video message can be uploaded on YouTube within 48 hours from the event
  • both the video and the photos can be shared immediately on Facebook/Twitter
  • green screen technology for the video setting on different backgrounds (that will be selected by the user)
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