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Totem Photo Booth

The Totem Funny Booth can be used both indoors and outdoors, both during the day and in the evening. It is suitable both for private customers and for companies, but unlike the classic booth, the photos are taken without compartment. LED lit, in dim light conditions, the Totem Photo Booth will be fitted with an additional photographic light.

The Totem Photo Booth, like the Classic Booth doesn’t require any particular commitment from the venue’s management, of whom we require only a power socket nearby (220V) and a table on which to set up the guestbook corner.

As it doesn’t have a shooting compartment, we must pay more attention to the positioning, choose the best position for the Totem Photo Booth together, using a wall of the venue, which will be the background for the shots.  We can also, on request, provide you with free-standing backdrops that can be fully printable and customised with images or logos.

The prints will be withdrawn in real time. It also includes gadgets and accessories that, subject to order, can detail the subject of the event (read here).

length 0.48 m – width 0.55 m – height 1.60 m.

The Totem Photo Booth has a monitor touchscreen and a flash. The structure is fireproof and EC certified.

Led lights. Additional gadgets and accessories subject to order.

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