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Social Sharing

How to promote a brand with Facebook

This is a good tool for corporate events, products lauch, public events, exhibitions: Funny Booth has the possibility to upload the pictures taken by the photo booth in real time! We can choose between two options.

  • First one: you can share the photos on the official Facebook page of your event. In this case Funny Booth needs to be an administator of your page (obviously for the event only).
  • Second one: you can share the photos on the personal profile of the user. Our staff, or the customer hostess, will ask the user to insert his personal references on Funny Booth tablet: in case of corporate events, there will be the possibility to insert also the event hashtag! For privacy reasons, once the photo is shared, our staff will arrange the user logout.

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In both cases, your photos can be shared with the customized layout agreed in advance: the photos can have a special graphic design, a logo, a slogan, an overlay, some thanks… For a company, the photo booth can be a special tool for the brand diffusion on the social networks!

Is it possible to share on Instagram?

You can share the file also on Instagram through Funny Booth tablet that you can find near the photo booth. It will be equipped with Instagram App from which you will be able to write the event hashtag! Our staff will help the guest with login and logout.

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Do you need to send the photo by mail? CLICK HERE

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In order to secure a good service, we prefer to connect the photo booth to the location wi-fi (in order to have a stable connection). If there isn’t any wi-fi, our Vodafone router will be available.

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