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Photo Booth Camper Van

The photo booth on four wheels is a special booth adapted both for private customers and for companies, set inside an original 60s Volkswagen camper van. It is easy to use outdoors, both during the day and in the evening, but also under cover, if the venue has a porch. It is suitable for concerts, trade fairs and all events held in more spacious venues.

The photos are shot inside the camper van, sitting on the seats of the vehicle, which is fitted, like the other photo booths with: accessories, monitor touchscreen, camera and flash. The basic background of this photo booth has a vintage flavour and it is completely in tune with the camper van.  It can also be customised on request with other types of fabric or pvc prints. The prints of the photos will be withdrawn in real time in the camper van. The camper van will only require the venue’s managers to provide a power socket nearby (220V). Finally, it is possible to request an estimate for use of the camper van other than as a photo booth, for example as a means of transport for certain special moments in the day.

Original 60s Volkswagen camper van.

The Photo Booth camper van has a vintage background, monitor touchscreen, flash, camera and accessories.

Printer and guestbook. Gadgets, backdrops and additional accessories subject to order.

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