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Green Screen

You choose the photo booth’s background!

The green screen technique enables special effects and highly original photos to be created: users will position themselves against the green background, which can be a free-standing structure placed in front of the totem or, in the case of the classic booth, the compartment’s internal covering. With the shot preview displayed on the monitor, the user can position him/herself correctly against the pre-set background in order to ensure that the desired effect is properly presented. As far as the choice of the “virtual” background is concerned, there is no limit to your imagination: for a private event you can choose a city, a beach or a starry night, while for a corporate event you can choose a logo, a hypothetical step and repeat, a colour that identifies the company, etc.

photo booth

There are many benefits of this service. First of all, with the green screen technology it will not be necessary to physically print a backdrop for the shot background (for example as an interior covering of the classic photo booth): to obtain the desired effect it will therefore be sufficient to put up the green backdrop which we do not always have available and a “virtual” backdrop, much more economical and practical, which we will agree within one month of the event. For vehicle shape reasons, green screen technology is applicable to the totem and to the classic photo booth while it cannot be executed inside the camper van.

photo booth green screen

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