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Facebook upload

How to promote a brand on Facebook

A great tool for corporate events, for product presentation, for parties in venues, for trade fair events: Funny Booth makes it possible to publish photos just shot in real time on Facebook. There are two publishing methods to choose from.

  • The first is publication in the event’s Facebook page: in this case we will ask the organisation to include Funny Booth, solely and exclusively for the duration of the event, among the page’s administrators (to enable files to be sent from our server to the social network).
  • The second is publication of the photo on each user’s individual Facebook page. This happens by inviting the user to upload to his/her own Facebook page before leaving the Photo Booth.

promuovere un brand su facebook

In both cases the photos can be published with the previously agreed format and customisation: they can have a particular graphic, an overlaid logo, a slogan, a thank-you message, etc. Thus, for companies, Photo Booth is a great tool to disseminate the brand on the social networks!

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